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The Chalmers brothers have returned in the devastating finale of the Murdery Delicious trilogy—a little older, perhaps wiser, and undoubtedly more terrified. As The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret unfolds, a breezy summer getaway at their newly restored ancestral home quickly becomes a crawl through the gnarled branches of the Chalmers’ family tree. Reality itself is questioned even as fear takes root, center stage. Along the Chalmers’ journey, readers have followed them through literary genres such as the penny dreadful and the classic whodunnit. Now, the brothers, their wives and children find themselves subjected to perils only found in a decidedly ghastly ghost story. Who can uncover the buried secret of Blood Stone Manor? What lurks behind the drapes? The only certainty is that some houses are never meant to be left behind as much as some inhabitants pray to leave them. Do peer past the gate, won’t you?

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Food blogger and published author Peter Halsey Sherwood’s book presents a humorous look into the heart and humanity.

Friendship Fog is an urban fairy tale for anyone who has ever been in love…or searched for it desperately. From a Fourth of July celebration in 1976 introducing four young lives in Friendship, Maine to modern day Manhattan, this charming cocktail infused with arresting humor spans the decades in a singular, fanciful exploration of delicately complex hearts and minds—and ultimately, friendship. Peopled with richly drawn characters, this novel touches on timeless issues involving both friendship and love that deliver a hopeful message for any reader.

Also by Peter Halsey Sherwood “Click Here”